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Are you an author or a publisher? Freebooksy has multiple ways to help you sell more books.

Get Your Book on Freebooksy.

Have a permafree book or a KDP Select promotion coming up? The Freebooksy Feature gets your book in front of thousands of voracious readers, the surest way to boost downloads. 

Your book must be free in order to qualify for a Freebooksy Feature.

Get Your Book on Bargain Booksy.

Don't want to make your book free? The Bargain Booksy Feature gets your book in front of our audience who loves to buy books in your genre, the best way to boost sales. 

Your book must be priced between $0.99 and $5.00 in order to qualify for a Bargain Booksy Feature.

Sponsor a Giveaway.

Book giveaways are a great way to build buzz about your book without giving thousands of copies away for free. Book giveaways start at $25. They result in sales, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and new readers.

Your book cannot be free in order to qualify for a Book Giveaway.

Sponsor a Banner Ad. 

Want to reach our base of readers for longer than one day? Sponsor a banner ad on Freebooksy, starting at $30.

You do not need a free or bargain book to qualify for a banner ad.

Install Our Free Facebook App.

 Did you know we built a Facebook app especially for authors trying to sell more books?

The best part? It's free! It's the perfect add-on to your Facebook fan page.  

What People Are Saying

jeff bennington.jpg

“With my other promotions I'm already at #12 and with yours I'm sure to hit #1. This will be the third time your promotions have launched one of my books to the top of the free store. Thank you!”

-- Jeff Bennington, #1 bestselling author of REUNION

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