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On any given day, there are thousands (yes, thousands!) of free books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo. We find the best free books for you and post them daily so you have more time to do what you love - read great books! 


Temptation Road: Free Best Seller Kindle Book

Editor' Note: TEMPTATION ROAD is a steamy paranormal romance set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Book Description: Reagan has it all: money, fame, a handsome husband, but it in't making her happy. Lured away by the magic of an old house in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina she walks out of the spotlight and into her future. 

There she meets the reclusive and oddly silent Fletcher Green who manages to steal her heart immediately. Will this handsome man and the neighboring town full of eccentrics help Reagan find a place where she belongs?  

Author's Inspiration: I've had great success writing billionaires and Navy SEAL's, so I was ready for a more mysteriously seductive hero. And who wouldn't love to find a fairytale perfect house in the mountains and a unconventional, sensuously silent man to conjure up a good deal of magic, lust, and love! It was a lucky accident that the town, Seven Devils, actually exists in North Carolina.

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Kimball Lee burst onto the romance scene in 2013 with the release of the Surrendering Charlotte Chronicles and hasn't slowed down. She writes romantic, titillating, always thought provoking books that stay with you long after the last page. Learn more about Kimball by visiting her beloved Facebook page.

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Seven Days of Friday: Free Women's Fiction on Kindle

Editor's Note: SEVEN DAYS OF FRIDAYS is a compelling story that you can't put down. 

Book Description: Vivi is 34 and isn't living the dream. Her husband is gay, her teenager is repeatedly self-harming, and her mother is more dramatic than Vivi can stand. By some random turn of events, she finds herself in Greece, the birthplace of her parents. But it's not a vacation paradise as she soon finds things growing all the more complicated. Can she keep her sanity while everyone and everything is attempting to tear it apart?

Author's Inspiration: Spending three years in Greece at an impressionable age was the psychological equivalent of leaving a wet glass on a wooden table for a prolonged period. Every other story I write comes back to Greece in some way; I can’t help myself. 

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Alex A. King is a wildly unimaginative pseudonym for an author who uses her real name to publish other things. Like Xerxes, she went to Greece (minus the Persian army), and like Xerxes, she eventually bailed. Not because she lost a war with the Greeks, but because her family was relocating to Australia. Alex currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her sweetheart and their miniature tyrant. When Alex isn’t writing, she’s thinking about writing. Two years ago, she quit napping without the help of a twelve-step program, which may or may not be an accomplishment. She began writing because MGM was no longer making musicals, and she has the drawing talents of a mollusk. Which left writing.

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Finding Home: Free Kindle Romance

Editor's Note: FINDING HOME is a story about a young woman on a quest to find her family a home.

Jackie Weger weaves a heartwarming tale of love that is fun and inspiring. 

Book Description: Every woman who falls in love is not beautiful. Phoebe Hawley has pride, backbone and moxie, but she's accused of being so skinny she'd have to lean up against a broomstick to cast a shadow. To win the love of the unlikeliest man in the universe to succumb to her feminine wiles, Phoebe must dig deep for that single wile that is certain to conquer his heart.

Readers who like southern authors such as Fannie Flagg will love Finding Home by Jackie Weger. 

Author's Inspiration: I'm not beautiful and I fell in love with an attractive man who loved me in return. That clued me in that all heroines in a romance do not have to be drop-dead gorgeous to have a wonderful love and satisfying life.

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What I love most after writing and family is destination travel. I love going to a new place, living among the natives and absorbing the culture and the language. I am profoundly deaf and prefer an agoraphobic lifestyle, but hit the road anyway. And Boy have I had some adventures!  I enjoy writing sweet romance novels. I wrote for Harlequin for more than fifteen years. Life events got in the way of my writing career for a while, but with the advent of ebooks, I plunged into the indie author universe. I love it. Fans visit me on Facebook and Twitter and I get to know them, see pictures of their new babies and pets, try out their recipes--a perfect way to connect!

Author's Wesbite:

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The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree: Free Top 5 Fantasy on Kindle

Editor's Note: In THE WHIRLWIND IN THE THRON TREE an Army veteran discovers his father's fictional world is real.

Book Description: Have you ever read a captivating novel about an incredible fantasy world, and wondered if the author had actually been there themselves? In THE WHIRLWIND IN THE THORN TREE, Army veteran Ross will discover that his father, famous fantasy novelist E. R. Brigham, may have actually traveled to the world in his books. When Ross and two of Ed's fan investigate Ed's untimely demise, they discover a trailhead leading there, as well as the mystical Kingsmen, the gunslinger protectors of the desert land of Ain. And they'll need all the help they can get, because the Muses have already killed one author in their quest to shed their immortality--and they're planning to kill a whole lot more of them.

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I wrote all through my childhood. After I graduated high school, I sort of slid out of the writing thing. I had a few touch and go manuscripts lying on my computer like little poops in a litter box, but I never did anything with them. When I was in Afghanistan 2010-2011, with Taliban mortars and rockets coming over the walls into our camp, that’s when I realized I was going about it all wrong. I don’t ever want to look death in the face and realize I haven’t done something I should have done. Regret of something done is infinitely better than regret of something NOT done.

Visit S.A.'s website!

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The Assignment 1: Free Top 20 Romantic Suspense on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and Apple

Editor's Note: What would it be like to be a high-class call girl?

Book Description: Lucy, an aspiring journalist, is beautiful, successful and happily employed by a top NYC magazine. But not all is as it seems as she struggles with issues from her past. When she finds herself suddenly undercover as a high-class call girl in a prestigious men's club, memories from her past come flooding back. Can she suppress the trauma from her past long enough to get the scoop? Or will she discover that she finds enjoyment in the familiarity?

Author's Inspiration: This book is based on one of my own personal fantasies. Partially because of my upbringing and the life I have led, I have often fantasized about being a prostitute. I know it is not something that is often addressed in conversation and I wanted to write a story that pursues this fantasy as a way of getting a better understanding of it.

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Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.12.36 AM.png


I write stories about my own fantasies. They're not to everyone's taste but I'm a real person, a nice girl, and I'm honest about my sexual inclinations. I'm thirty-two years old and live in a small town in beautiful Ontario with my two dogs. I was born and raised here. I took creative writing classes in school but it wasn't till I got back to my hometown and was working as a waitress that I really started writing. I like to write about strong, adventurous women. They are the kinds of women I like to imagine I am, or at least would be if I had the courage.

Visit Abby's website!

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Mason McQueen and the Gargoyle's Curse: Free Kindle YA Fantasy

Editor's Note: MASON MCQUEEN AND THE GARGOYLE'S CURSE has everything you want: Monsters, gargoyles, mystery, superpowers, humor, action and adventure, a changeling, and, of course, heroes. 

Destined to evolve into a really great series, I will be delighted to read the next book in this series.

Book Description: Mason McQueen should have died in that bus accident all those years ago but yet he still lives. Now 10 years later residents are gaining supernatural powers and the bizarre secret that has plagued the small town is about to be unearthed. Some may call Mason lucky, others would say he's cursed. 

Author Inspiration: I had a dream, well, a nightmare actually. After the Harry Potter saga ended I felt there was a need for a new kind of hero, one with added "Grrrr" but I just needed that all important original idea. After waking from my dream I remembered everything vividly and that gave me the basis for my story and I began to write. 

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Growing up I hated books with a passion, so I wrote this for my teenage self in the hope that it would help others appreciate books from a younger age and to prove to myself I could actually do it.  I love horror movies, gargoyles and Gothic architecture, and I suppose all that helps when you live sandwiched between two churches. And, like a true Brit, I do love a good cup of tea. I am a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series, everything Tolkien, and, as of late, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. My aim is that my books will make the reader question, "How do I know who I am, when I don't know what I am?" If you want a series that will grow into an epic story with twists and turns and shocking cliff hangers with laughs along the way, then the Mason McQueen series is definitely for you. 

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Princess Interrupted: Free Fantasy on Kindle

Editor's Note: In PRINCESS INTERRUPTED, a headstrong princess finds life forever changed with danger and love

Book Description: Arabelle has an easy life as a princess until one day when she is attacked by a deadly creature that was thought to be extinct. The poison takes it's grip on her and she must learn to adapt to it's effects. Her gift of prophecy confusingly reveals two possible futures: an apocalyptic future as well as one of hope and promise. Which will come to fruition? 

Author's Inspiration: Princess Interrupted is a prequel to the three-book series which focuses on one of popular characters that a reader will encounter throughout the series. She's a very strong young female who grows into someone even she'd never have expected. It also introduces and covers a timeline which gives an alternate view of the beginning of the remainder of the series.

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I’ve been writing throughout my career as an engineer, however my writing had been relegated to technical books and technical magazine articles. I’ve always admired truly epic tales. The type of story that takes you on twists and turns you never expected. By the time you reach what you think is the end, you’ve read hundreds of pages and realize the end is really only the beginning of the story.

Visit Michael's website!

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Of Little Faith: Free Thriller on Kindle

Editor's Note: OF LITTLE FAITH follows one man's merciless struggle with love, loss, revenge and absolution.

Book Description: Vincent Goss, wounded and bound, witnessed his wife's brutal rape and his only child's torture and murder at the hands of a notorious madman. Vincent, a simple farmer and devoted husband, is forced to commit his wife to a sanatorium after the savage events. His life shattered, consumed by rage, Vincent seeks his revenge--both on earth and after his death in hell. Join Vincent Goss on this metaphysical thrill ride. Immerse yourself in his merciless struggle with love, loss, revenge and absolution. Open your mind and prepare for an altered reality and a unique vision of hell . . . a hell unlike anything you've ever imagined.

Author's Inspiration: I started the first draft at the age of 24. I stopped writing at chapter 2 because that chapter was overwhelmingly painful and I was much too inexperienced to write it. I went back to college, learned to write, signed up for all classes that would help me with the book, then wrote the full first draft at age 30. What you have before you is my FINAL vision and story, a story unlike anything you have ever read. I do hope you enjoy the ride!

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My name is Thomas J. Eggert, I'm 48 years old and live in southern Ohio with my beautiful wife. Together we travel the world, absorbing all the wonderful experiences life offers. I love to learn and experience everything I can, and I have an eternal fascination with philosophy and religion and what motivates people and populations in various directions.

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Six Months in Montana: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note: SIX MONTHS IN MONTANA is a modern, contemporary marriage of convenience romance set in Montana.

Book Description: Molly Bishop loves living in Manhattan and managing a boutique luxury hotel. She's about to be promoted to her dream job of General Manager, the role she's been striving for her entire career. There's only one thing standing in her way.

The will of her childhood friend, Christian Ford's grandfather. She hasn't even seen Christian in over ten years, but a recent run-in with his grandfather during a rare visit home, resulted in a new condition to the will. Christian will only inherit the ranch he's been running and the real estate development business that he has expanded, if he marries Molly and stays married for at least six months.

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Pamela M. Kelley

 I've always been a bookworm and writing books is like a dream come true for me. I still work at a job I love, but am scaling back my hours a bit so I can write more. I live in Plymouth, MA, near the beach and my favorite books have always been those cozy stories that you can curl up and escape into, with interesting settings and nice people. I'm a sucker for a happy ending! I also love all things food related, cooking, eating, drinking wine and that focus is something you'll often find in my books along with one of my favorite recipes.

Author Website:

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Ties That Bind: Free Top 5 Police Thriller on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and Apple

Editor's Note: TIES THAT BIND is a murder mystery that the whole family will love!

Book Description: Detective Madison Knight and her partner must pull together to stop a potential serial killer. But when the Sergeant starts pressuring her to just put someone behind bars and close the case and her partner starts worrying more about saving his marriage than catching the killer, Madison is left to her own devices to catch the culprit. 

Author's Inspiration:  I love the crime genre so it seemed like a natural fit. I wanted a strong female lead instead of the woman being led about by her male partner. Readers have described Madison Knight as "a sharp, insightful protagonist." Of course, she can't be all tough. She has an aversion to blood and she does have a chocolate addiction.

Get this exciting thriller FREE on your KINDLE, KOBO, NOOK and APPLE on 4/18 - 5/31!!



Carolyn Arnold published her first book, TIES THAT BIND, the first in her Madison Knight Series, in 2011 and it became a Kindle Best Seller, reaching the top 100 in Police Procedurals in the US and in the UK. Her writing has been compared to New York Times Bestsellers such as JD Robb, Mary Higgins Clark, Sue Grafton, Michael Connelly, Tess Gerritsen, and more. Carolyn was born in 1976 in a rural town of Ontario, Canada. She is a member of Crime Writers of Canada and lives with her husband, and two beagles in a city near Toronto.

Visit Carolyn's website!

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Corona of Blue: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note: CORONA OF BLUE is a ghost story with sass, compassion, and plenty of chills.

Rayleigh Thorn is an unforgettable character who gives the novel its life.

Book Description: Rayleigh Thorn is being haunted and going mad at the same time. She has also just met the perfect gentleman. Ghostly visitations from a young girl, who look exactly like her, haunt her lonely evenings at home. But with her mental state in the balance, and drinking too much, Rayleigh's world is about to come crashing down.

Readers who love Stephen King and Peter Straub will enjoy this book. 

Author's Inspiration:  I actually wanted to write a love story from the point of view of a woman, because I had done one before, and I just thought it was an extraordinary experience. What came out, though--this time around--was a ghost story. Rayleigh Thorn became very vivid and had her own story to tell. And so, I let her have control of the pen.

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I love the imagination, and I believe stories should do so much more than just entertain people. When I read my first fantasy series, I wept over the characters and some of the love they had for each other. I realized then that I wanted to make people feel the way that story had made me feel. I felt that was truly magical to have the capability to reach out to total strangers with your own words and make them, laugh, cry, or even shudder with fear.

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At God's Mercy: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note: AT GOD'S MERCY follows two brothers - a rabbi and a priest - as they unravel their blood-curdling heritage.

Book Description: Two long lost brothers find each other in NYC. They were brought to the USA from Poland at the end of the war, and were adopted by two different families. The result: one grew up to be a rabbi, the other became a priest. Now they want to learn the truth about their heritage, so they travel to Poland and start investigating. The truth is blood-curdling.

Get the Kindle book for FREE on 4/18! 

L. L. Fine 

Bestselling author L. L. Fine was born in 1971, reborn in 1993 when he met his future wife Bella, and re-reborn in 2001, when his eldest child took her first charming breath. 

His past sins include being a partner and a creative director in an advertising agency, writing several TV series, content designing and writing several major visitor centers, and co-founding a promising start-up company.

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Aloha Also Means Goodbye: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note: Vacation in Hawaii with ALOHA ALSO MEANS GOODBYE, a 5 star beach read.

Jessica Rosenberg's first novel is both exciting and well written.

Book Description: After a heart breaking pregnancy, Jo fled to Zambia. Several years later she fell in love and married. Her mother always wanted a white wedding, so Jo came home with her husband and everyone headed to Hawaii for a vow renewal ceremony. Eee-gads! Her old boyfriend is there, his kids are named after her, and he's divorced. And her wedding in Zambia isn't valid. Now what?

Readers who love Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner and What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty will love this book. 

Get this Free Kindle Book 4/18- 4/20



My grandfather was a writer. My father is a writer. I am a writer. It's who I am. I'm always writing (Check out I started writing Aloha Also Means Goodbye when my kids were babies. I wrote and rewrote, tossed versions away, and began again. I liked the idea of someone trying to mature but being stopped by life's events. Jo, my main character, has to conclude that her judgement is sound and she also has to stand up to her mother and go with her heart. I had a lot of fun writing this!

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Check Out Today's Free Kindle Books

Editor's Note: Thrillers and Romance and Fantasy, oh my! These stories do a great job of transporting you into the characters shoes and taking you on adventures through life, love, and adversity! 

Click on the covers to get the Kindle books. Deals good on 4/18. 

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The 6 Steps Plan to e-Publishing: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note: Fulfill your dream of becoming a published author withTHE 6 STEP PLAN TO E-PUBLISHING. 

An absolute 'must read' for any aspiring author out there.

Book Description: Do you have a great idea for a book but don’t know how to get it published? Is the only thing stopping you from e-publishing your book is the “how” to get it done? In this book you will learn, step by step, how to make your dream of publishing a book a reality. 

Author's Inspiration:  My friends and clients who always ask for advice and guidance on how to publish and market their wonderful ideas on Amazon.

Get this Kindle book Free on 4/17!




As a stay-at-home Mom, Ally Nathaniel wanted a job that would allow her to spend as much time with her children as possible. When she decided to write a book, she had no idea she would end up having to publish it herself. Figuring out how to do everything was time consuming and exhausting, and with all the technical steps to follow, and no support she was completed overwhelmed! Ally successfully self-published her book, which sold over 30,000 copies in less than 5 months. Her experience is why she decided to become an e-publishing coach. She wants to help you, saving you time, money, and frustration, and get your book published in a very short period of time. Please contact her for more support!

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War of the Druid King: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note: Full of elves, dwarfs, trolls, and humans, WAR OF THE DRUID KING is the sixth book of the Elvenshore Series. 

Book Description: The Prince of the Valkyries travels across the Forbidden Sea to fulfill his destiny, but his mere presence there turns the land into chaos. The seven Dukes are at war with the mad Druid King after a 400 year peace. The Dukes are drastically outnumbered. What will be the fate of Aelmesland? 

Readers who love JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin will enjoy CURSE OF THE DRUID KING. 

Get the Kindle book for FREE on 4/17-4/19. 


After writing my first book, The Dwarves of Elvenshore, I got such a positive response that I kept writing. I now have completed six books of the Elvenshore Series and am working on the seventh. I hope you enjoy my efforts.


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Dark Shadows: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note: DARK SHADOWS is a book about two people from very different worlds who are brought together by destiny. 

An engrossing read, it pulled me in on the very first page.

Book Description: Eliska was a warrior Princess; Eric a normal human. Eliska was given the task to protect the last remains of her race. When she fails Eric becomes involved. Now he has to figure out the origin of the strange, new occurrences in his life. Will he come to know what Eliska did? Will he find his destiny?

Readers who love J.K Rowling. J.R R. Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis will enjoy this fantasy read.

Get This Kindle Book Free April 17th 


Varun S.Vashist is a firm believer in destiny and does believe that every ordinary thing around us has an extraordinary story. These stories become the basis of his novels. Stories that are believable and that touch positively are the one that he likes and tries to convey the same through his novels. A nature lover, his stories involves people travelling for their quest. Ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations is a running theme in his stories.

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