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On any given day, there are thousands (yes, thousands!) of free books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo. We find the best free books for you and post them daily so you have more time to do what you love - read great books! 


The 6 Steps Plan to e-Publishing: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note: Fulfill your dream of becoming a published author withTHE 6 STEP PLAN TO E-PUBLISHING. 

An absolute 'must read' for any aspiring author out there.

Book Description: Do you have a great idea for a book but don’t know how to get it published? Is the only thing stopping you from e-publishing your book is the “how” to get it done? In this book you will learn, step by step, how to make your dream of publishing a book a reality. 

Author's Inspiration:  My friends and clients who always ask for advice and guidance on how to publish and market their wonderful ideas on Amazon.

Get this Kindle book Free on 4/17!




As a stay-at-home Mom, Ally Nathaniel wanted a job that would allow her to spend as much time with her children as possible. When she decided to write a book, she had no idea she would end up having to publish it herself. Figuring out how to do everything was time consuming and exhausting, and with all the technical steps to follow, and no support she was completed overwhelmed! Ally successfully self-published her book, which sold over 30,000 copies in less than 5 months. Her experience is why she decided to become an e-publishing coach. She wants to help you, saving you time, money, and frustration, and get your book published in a very short period of time. Please contact her for more support!

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War of the Druid King: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note: Full of elves, dwarfs, trolls, and humans, WAR OF THE DRUID KING is the sixth book of the Elvenshore Series. 

Book Description: The Prince of the Valkyries travels across the Forbidden Sea to fulfill his destiny, but his mere presence there turns the land into chaos. The seven Dukes are at war with the mad Druid King after a 400 year peace. The Dukes are drastically outnumbered. What will be the fate of Aelmesland? 

Readers who love JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin will enjoy CURSE OF THE DRUID KING. 

Get the Kindle book for FREE on 4/17-4/19. 


After writing my first book, The Dwarves of Elvenshore, I got such a positive response that I kept writing. I now have completed six books of the Elvenshore Series and am working on the seventh. I hope you enjoy my efforts.


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Dark Shadows: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note: DARK SHADOWS is a book about two people from very different worlds who are brought together by destiny. 

An engrossing read, it pulled me in on the very first page.

Book Description: Eliska was a warrior Princess; Eric a normal human. Eliska was given the task to protect the last remains of her race. When she fails Eric gets entangled in her future. Now he has to find out the origin of the strange occurrences in his life. Will he come to know what Eliska did? Will he find his destiny?

Readers who love J.K Rowling. J.R R. Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis will enjoy this fantasy read.

Get This Kindle Book Free April 17th 


Varun S.Vashist is a firm believer in destiny and does believe that every ordinary thing around us has an extraordinary story. These stories become the basis of his novels. Stories that are believable and that touch positively are the one that he likes and tries to convey the same through his novels. A nature lover, his stories involves people travelling for their quest. Ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations is a running theme in his stories.

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Keeper, Part 1: Free YA Urban Fantasy on Kindle and Kobo

Editor's Note: KEEPER is a fast paced, action packed novel with an awesome romance element.

Book Description: Taylee Pierce can control people's minds, and the Rygons want to steal her gift. With her powers in their hands, they will be free to destroy her race and her world. Will Taylee survive with her gift intact?

Author's Inspiration: Urban fantasy has always been my favorite genre, for starters. But I got tired of reading novels with repetitive plot lines and predictable, rushed romances. I wanted to read a book with a strong, independent female lead, action, romance and an unpredictable plot. So, I sat down and wrote a very vague outline of what I thought would be a great urban fantasy!

Get this FREE fantasy on your KINDLE and KOBO on 4/17 - 4/21!


I'll admit, I have a weakness for all things eccentric, and spontaneous. That love (along with a colorful childhood) fueled my storytelling, which eventually grew into novel writing. Out side of being an avid writer, I love to play video games, watch scary movies, and workout. I also have an obsession with swimming suits and wedges. Not sure how I managed, but I ensnared and married the man of my dreams. Now we have 3 kids and a dog who barks way too much.

Visit Tiffany's website!


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Arnco: Free Fiction on Kindle

Editor's Note: ARNCO is a poignant love story that spans the full spectrum of emotions.

Book Description: Arnco is the story of an author named Jake Brigham, who's found success in life, but doesn't know how to deal with it. As his life begins to fray at the seams, he returns home and visits Arnco, the old mill village where his mom and grandmother once lived. Here, he's reunited with an oldfriend, who's been dealing with demons her entire life. Love blossoms until the past revisits and threatens to tear them apart. 

Author's Inspiration:  While the story is fiction, Arnco is real place. My grandmother raised my mom and her three siblings here, and I spent many summers and holidays in her little 719 square foot home. I wanted to write a modern day story and somehow make Arnco relevant. It's a place near to my heart.

Get this FREE fiction on your KINDLE on 4/17 - 4/18!



I began writing in June of 2012, wanting to check off another item on the old bucket list. My wife, Angela, is a children's book author and encouraged me to give writing a try. As I wrote Break It, I realized how much I enjoyed bringing my story to life. Before Break It was even finished, I began Killing Chase and felt like I was beginning to find my voice as an author. As a 42-year-old stay at home, work from home dad, I realized that enough people liked what I wrote and many encouraged me to keep at it. It was empowering and I've vowed to continue on this writing journey. As an author, I'm cognizant of the reader's time and I always write with this thought: Will this be a good investment of the reader's time?

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Better Living Boxset: Free Kindle Book

Editors Note:  There are plenty of ways to curb unwanted and damaging stress factors; find out how with the BETTER LIVING BOXED SET.

Book Description: Poor dieting and mental fatigue can lead to a stressful life. This box set includes four best-selling books that address both your mind and body to ensure that you are living as efficiently as possible. Our methods will help to improve sleeping habits, remove gluten from your diet, and declutter your life. We also explain how essential oils can help you relax and eliminate unnecessary stress. 

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The Strike Trilogy: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note: THE STRIKE TRILOGY is a superhero saga about a teenage boy on the adventure of a lifetime.

Book Description: All three books of the STRIKE Trilogy in one volume. During his senior year of high school, Tobin Lloyd suddenly finds himself on an adventure in the world of Capricious, a place where superheroes and super-villains are real. He soon makes new friends--like a beer-drinking dog and a genius, three-foot-tall robot, as he embarks on a quest to discover who he really is.

Author's Inspiration: I've always loved both superheroes and stories about high school, so I wanted to write a story about a kid who is looking forward to nothing more than coasting through his senior year...until he's suddenly thrust into a world with superpowers, dinosaurs, talking dogs, and thirty-foot-tall monsters. And I wanted him to react how I would react: by being really scared, nauseous, and pretty sure he's gone nuts.

Get the Kindle book for FREE on 4/17. 


Charlie Wood lives with his wife, Kate, in Massachusetts. He is the author of the STRIKE Trilogy and "The Journals of Kara and Jason." He is obsessed with superheroes, the Red Sox, movies, and anything with a Muppet in it.


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Free Mystery and Thriller Kindle Books

Editor's Note: Tales of espionage, private investigators, and high tech thrills await in the Kindle books below. 

Click on the covers to get the Kindle books.

Get NO FINGERPRINTS, THE BLACKMAIL CLUB, and AGENT AI for free for Kindle on 4/17. 

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Fantasy Kindle Books for Free

Editor's Note: These dark fantasy reads feature fascinating protagonists and original plots. 

Click on the covers to  get the Kindle Books. 

THE VAMPIR MANUAL OF THE REICH and CONCEALED POWER are free Kindle Books on 4/17. 

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Sips for the Soul: Free Number 1 Selling Self-Help on Kindle

Editor's Note: The quotes in SIPS FOR THE SOUL are short, and easy to remember and share.

Book Description: This is not your usual quotes book. All of the quotes in this book are short but powerful quotes about life. All quotes are ten words or less. Reading each one is like taking a sip or your favorite hot beverage.

Author's Inspiration: The Chicken Soup for the Soul Series was my inspiration for creating this book series.

Get this FREE self-help on your KINDLE on 4/16 - 4/19!


In addition to being an author, I am an Information Technology professional with a background in the fields of Psychology and Self Improvement. I absolutely love the creative process involved in publishing books and each book is a labor of love for me. I love anything that is inspirational, motivational, positive, encouraging and uplifting. I am highly committed to providing "information, inspiration, and ideas" that will uplift and encourage you.

I am a Christian. I am a mother and wife. My mother just recently passed away. She was always supportive of my various endeavors - big or small. Therefore, I dedicate my current and future books to the memory of my mother, Mayola Taylor.

Visit Millicent's website!

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Motivation: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note: MOTIVATION is inspirational and teaches a powerful message about how to achieve success.

Book Description: This motivational book is about acquiring good habits and overcoming procrastination. It gives you the keys to ignite your motivation by showing you how to overcome your fears, how to achieve your goals and how to completely transform your life with a positive attitude. You will discover the magic of staying focused and how adversity can be a strong and powerful motivator, the book takes you through a positive process of transformation to overcome every obstacle in life to achieve success.

Author's Inspiration: My inspiration for writing this book was to leave a legacy of positivism and optimism to my readers. My goal with this book is to encourage you to never stop trying and to pursue your lifetime dreams no matter what through actionable steps and simple guidelines that will help you to continue to move forward with a new positive mindset.

Get the Kindle book for FREE on 4/16

Frank Mullani

 I've always wanted to be able to communicate my way of thinking to others, being able to publish this way of thinking in the form of positive thinking books is a dream come true for me as an author. I think we all have our own struggles in life but we all have that burning desire deep inside that is telling us that we must give it a try, that we must do it, that we must pursue our dreams and never give up. The goal I have in mind with my books is to ignite that natural born desire we all have to succeed and to help you achieve your full potential with an encouraging and indestructible positive thinking mind.

Author Website:

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#Havana62: Free Kindle Book

Editor's Note:  What if there had been social media during the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis? Find out in #HAVANA62.

Book Description: The year is 1962. John F. Kennedy is in the White House. Nikita Khrushchev is in the Kremlin and Fidel Castro is in the Presidential Palace in Havana, Cuba. For a time, now widely referred to as “the most dangerous moment in human history”, these three men hold the future of modern civilization in their hands as the world teeters on the brink of nuclear apocalypse. 

This is the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis told through posts on private social media feeds. The book follows the thoughts and actions of the main participants in the drama based on what those participants actually reported, or could have believably reported in private social media accounts. 

Get the Kindle book  for FREE on 4/16! 

Philip Gibson

Philip Gibson is the author of over thirty books on ESL, history and historical fiction. Having taught and lived in England, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Laos, in 1991, he took up a position in Laos, met and married a Lao lady and now lives with his wife and two teenage boys on their small farm on the forested banks of the Nam Ngum River (tributary of the Mekong) about 25 miles from the capital city of Vientiane. Philip is a lover of history, especially modern history, and his main writing focus now is to continue to produce historical works written in the unique form of social media feeds.

Author Website:

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Quinn Checks In: Free eBook

Editor's Note: QUINN CHECKS IN is the first in a new mystery series featuring investigator Liam Quinn.  

An excellent mystery book with a well developed and intense plot.

Book Description: In the first book in this engaging series, former forger Liam Quinn puts his skills to use as an insurance investigator in Philadelphia, and is quickly drawn into a robbery and murder.

Readers who love the work of Robert Parker, Sue Grafton, Lee Child, J.D. Robb will love this book. 

Author's Inspiration: I wanted a character who was an everyman -- who cared about his family, his community and the mistakes he'd made.

Get This eBook Free Today!


LH Thomson came second in the WH Smith's national children's essay writing contest at age seven in the UK and has never looked back. A journalist and reporter for more than twenty years, he lives in Canada with his wife, Lori, and their six adopted pets, all of whom make him feel like committing murder from time to time.

Author's Website:

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The End Came With a Kiss: Free Kindle Book

Editor' Note: You see, the end did not come with a scratch or a bite. It came with a kiss.

"I should have known better than to start reading this book at 10 p.m., said the girl who hates romances and zombie books. I have never yet put down a Hileman book after I picked it up, and this was no exception."


Book Description: My friends and I used to laugh about the zombie apocalypse, the absurdity of it. But when it came, it was nothing like the movies had portrayed. We couldn't have had it more wrong. There was no gore. There was no blood or tearing of flesh. It was the most beautiful thing the world had ever seen, and that was what took us by surprise. We were not prepared to have our destruction lure us in like a harlot.

Author's Inspiration: As I was contemplating what to write next, I started musing about what Stephanie Meyer did with Vampire lore, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to do something totally fresh with the zombie genre?" That's how The End Came With A Kiss was born. It is a story of marital commitment and sacrifice in a world where everyone has become beautiful on the outside but dead on the inside. I can't stress enough, this is not a horror book, though there are several moments of great suspense. At its core, The End Came With A Kiss, is a love story. But in the end, it is the mystery that keeps readers flipping pages until well past their bedtime.

Get the Kindle book for FREE on 4/16-4/17. 


After serving in the U.S. Army, John Michael Hileman started a small 3D animation company. From there he was hired as production director for a television station, where he oversaw the production of three semi-national television programs. In his spare time, while being a faithful husband and father, he authored his first book, VRIN: ten mortal gods, which later placed in the top four of a national writing competition. Encouraged by this, John went on to write the #1 best selling supernatural thriller MESSAGES and UNSEEN. The rest is yet to be written.

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What is Love: Free Kobo, Nook, and Apple eBook

Editor's Note: WHAT IS LOVE is a heartwarming tale of revenge and the meaning of love.

Book Description: A wealthy society woman discovers her husband of forty years plans to leave her for his young mistress. Determined to keep both her husband and their wealthy status among New York society, she's willing to try anything to stop the little gold-digger. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned and her final crazy attempt causes such a disaster that she and the young women become more than just enemies. Unable to undo the damage, both women must decide what is most important and ultimately--What is Love?

Author's InspirationI wanted to explore whether we love the person before us or the person beneath the beautiful face or rugged good looks. Is love unconditional or based on hidden expectations? How do we know if this person is truly the one? Why does money influence so many love stories and does it make us love more? This story draws from many women who lost love and in their search for answers found unexpected happiness and understanding. 

Get the ebook free through 4/20.


I am a storyteller at heart and love the mystery of love. After years in the crazy industry of fashion design and merchandising, I found the courage to walk away in pursuit of my true passion of writing. I have many more stories to explore and share, and look forward to feedback from fellow passionate romantic souls who will read my work. I am also an artist and addicted to anything vintage. Anyone who knows me isn't surprised by my antique hats and handbags and shoes and crinolines and corsets. Yes, I do see historical bodice rippers in my future, but for now I have too many contemporary stories to tell!

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Find Her, Keep Her: Free eBook

Editor's Note: In FIND HER, KEEP HER, fate leads a heartbroken travel writer into the arms of her soul mate.

Book Description: Leave it Facebook to ruin your life. Daisy learns that her current boyfriend is planning on marrying her best friend ... all in a Facebook update. With her life falling apart, she takes off to Martha's Vineyard on a work assignment where she unexpectedly meets a rich and sexy man. But, as their romance starts to pick up steam, will it be dashed by hidden secrets?  

Get this top-selling romance FREE on your KINDLENOOK,KOBO, and APPLE on 4/16 - 12/31!


Born and raised in Southern California, I consider myself a sensual and emotional writer. Essentially, I write to make you feel whatever's on the page. That's my brand. Whether contemporary romance, paranormal romance or sci-fi fantasy, the reader can look forward to be taken on a highly charged emotional and sensual journey. I have a BA in Broadcast Journalism and an MA in Communications Studies from California State University, Los Angeles. I've read scripts, providing coverage for production companies and screenwriting contests. I have been writing fiction steadily and honing my craft for a very, very long time.

Visit her website!

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Craving Caroline: Free Top 20 Romance on Kindle

Editor's Note: CRAVING CAROLINE is a modern story of a timeless love that can endure all obstacles.

Book Description: Jack and Caroline have loved each other since they were childhood friends. Teenage angst and Haydon Thorne, the new boy in town, drive a wedge between them and the three of them go their separate ways to find fame and success. They are reunited when Caroline agrees to marry Haydon and she and Jack are faced with losing true love, and each other, forever.

Author's Inspiration: Wondering what had become of my first true love and how it would change the course of our lives to meet again and find that love still burned hot and bright. I wanted to explore the concept of craving love and lust as desperately as it was experienced when it was all so new and fresh.

Get this top-selling KINDLE romance FREE on 4/16- 4/20!



Kimball Lee burst onto the romance scene in 2013 with the release of the Surrendering Charlotte Chronicles and hasn't slowed down. She writes romantic, titillating, always thought provoking books that stay with you long after the last page. Learn more about Kimball by visiting her beloved Facebook page.

Visit Kimball's website!

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Free Kindle Books For Romance and Thriller Readers

Editor's Note: Whether it's tales of intense passion or tales of wicked intentions that you enjoy most, there is something for you in today's eBook bundle! 

Click on the covers to get the Kindle books. 

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