Claus: Legend of the Fat Man- Free Kindle Book

It's a wonderful Fantasy read that gives Santa Claus a whole new meaning and brings the North Pole into a completely different focus!

On an exploratory mission to the North Pole, the Santa family makes an incredible discovery: the elven, a previously unknown race of people. 

Though primitive by many respects, the elven have created their own ingenious technologies that have allowed them to thrive in the extreme climate for 40,000 years. 

The Santa family arrived as the elven reached an impasse. The Cold One, an elven leader, is determined to lead his race out of isolation. To stop The Cold One from taking over the world, the Santa family must do everything to help the one elven who might defeat him - Claus.

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Tony Bertauski


Tony Bertauski lives in Charleston, SC with his wife, Heather, and two kids, Ben and Maddi. He's a college teacher and a columnist for the Post and Courier. He's published two textbooks that can be found at most book retailers. He was also a 2008 winner of the South Carolina Fiction Contest for his short story entitled, 4-Letter Words.