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Rosetta: Free eBook for Kindle

I am a sucker for interesting science fiction, and this fit the bill.

The family of leading scientist Dr. Sanjay Sinjakama don't believe that his death was a suicide. So they ask Jim Meade to investigate. 

Meade soon discovers that  Sinjakama's death is one piece of an increasingly complicated plot that could destroy the tenuous peace between the Consortium and the Coalition. The last time the two nations went to war, the Earth was destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. The fate of humanity hinges on Meade - will he catch the killer in time?

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This book is free 10/13-10/14.

RJ Johnson

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A California native, RJ Johnson spent his childhood in the beautiful mountains surrounding his small lakeside town. Though he's loved writing since a young age, RJ spent most of his career in radio. 

RJ lives in San Diego, writing, spending time outdoors, and attending the occasional baseball game.

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