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Just in time for election season, November Surprise promises you a romantic romp through the last several presidential elections.

Through the ups and downs of Lucy Jones' life,  two things have remained constant: her love for politics, and her love for Monty. 

The relationships bear striking similarities. Both are exhilarating. Heartbreaking. And impossible to predict with 100 percent certainty. But even when her candidate loses and Monty floats in and out of her life, Lucy never gives up hope for either of them.

November Surprise is a companion piece to Campaign Promises, also available on Amazon. They can be read in any order. 

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Laurel Osterkamp

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Laurel Osterkamp was a comedy writer in Minneapolis before she began writing novels. Her first novel, Following My Toes, has been a Kindle best seller and won the 2008 Indie Excellence Award for Chick Lit. Starring in the Movie of My Life received honors in the 2011 Indie Excellence Awards for Chick Lit, and in the 2011 International Book Awards for Women's Fiction and Young Adult Lit. She currently teaches high school, and is working on a new novel inspired by her jury duty from last spring, and the TV show Survivor.

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