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The series is only getting more intricate and fascinating!

Introducing Book Three in the acclaimed Sacred Breath series...

As the dangers facing the kingdom of Adlivun mount, Queen Aazuria is captured and hidden away by a deadly enemy. 

Reeling from the loss of their queen, Adlivun turns to her human husband, Trevain Murphy, and younger sister, Princess Elandria, for guidance.  But Trevain and Elandria are lost without Aazuria, and the underwater kingdom teeters ever closer to destruction.

Determined to save his people, General Visola Ramaris defies tradition and seeks help from the countries above. America and Russia offer military assistance, but the terms of the agreement are almost unthinkable. With no queen to guide them, will the mermaids of Adlivun sacrifice their freedom in exchange for safety?

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Nadia Scrieva

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Canadian author Nadia Scrieva has always been an avid reader. After earning degrees in English and anthropology, Nadia settled in Toronto and spends her days writing.

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