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A biography that inspires for the strength of the human spirit.

The Accidental Antichrist tells the extraordinary true story of Jacob Marateck, a young Jewish man in Russia during the early 1900s.

By the time he turned 30, Marateck had already fought for the anti-Semitic Russian army in the Russo-Japanese War, escaped from a forced labor camp in Siberia, joined up with anti-Zcar revolutionaries and received three separate death sentences.

Told with surprising humor and rich detail, The Accidental Anarchist is a riveting account of a spirited, resourceful young man who defied all odds to survive in a volatile and dangerous country.

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Bryna Kranzler


Bryna Kranzler studied playwriting at Barnard College and has written several highly praised plays. Eventually she traded the arts community for a career in marketing, mostly due to economic necessity. After 15 years in the communications field she made a triumphant return to writing. 

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