Transforming Corporate Culture (Free Kindle eBook)

Editor's Note: Feeling like you need to evolve the corporate culture at your workplace? This is definitely a great book for you.

An inspiring and very relevant to our corporate culture, today. I'm ready to take the lead on making changes, now!

Book Description: TRANSFORMING CORPORATE CULTURE has 9 lessons taken from nature to create a new perspective on contemporary business challenges. With stories and practical examples, you'll find out how 'survival of the fittest' works as a business competetive edge.


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Lisa & Gerry

For two decades, Corporate Culture Pros have helped presidents and their teams lead organizational culture change and align their corporate culture to achieve their business strategy. Their specialty is helping organizations build a culture infrastructure that links directly to hard return-on-investment measures such as market share, profit, and innovation. The unique and proven culture change process developed by Corporate Culture Pros is effective in turnarounds, mergers, or significant changes in leadership or strategy, when leaders know culture is a competitive advantage.


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