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Editor's Note: If you write anything on the web, you'll get a lot out of this book! It's a how-to guide for maximizing SEO, getting your website more traffic- who wouldn't want that?!

This great guide really helped me get a grip on SEO!

Book Description: Writers want their words to find readers. This ebook offers a step by step guide to SEO and online marketing techniques especially for writers of all kinds.

Readers who like SEO Made Simple by Michael H. Fleischner, SEO 2013 and Beyond by Dr Andy Williams, or Optimise by Lee Odden will like SEO FOR CONTENT WRITERS & PR PROS.

Author's Inspiration: After working with a range of public relations, content and fiction writers over the years, I wanted to write a guide to SEO and web marketing that was specifically focused on connecting individual articles, stories, blogposts and content with an intended audience.

From the Book:  We know PR professionals are great at creating fantastic content; we read it daily on companies’ website blogs and on social media platforms. But it’s not just about creating great content – it's also about creating the right content based on solid research and using SEO strategies within that content to reach and engage the target market.

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Phil Byrne

Phil is a self described "location independent" web marketeer currently working and living from various locations around the globe. Some people think that means I sit on the beach with my smart phone! Occasionally I do, but more regularly you'll find me helping others find their voice and market online armed with a well made coffee and a smile. I write ebooks because I enjoy helping others utilise the many wonders of the web to enhance both their professional and personal lives.

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