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Editor's Note: This is a practical, but entertaining, guide for anyone interested in a freelance lifestyle.

A great guide that I'll be referencing forever- he's definitely your friend in the freelance industry.

Book Description: I'm a full-time freelance writer, with stories on This American Life, a daily column for Mental Floss, and I've contributed to The Atlantic, among many other publications. So how do writers like me get started? How do they get paid? In The Blogger Abides, I tell you everything I've learned along the road from blogger-as-side-job to full-time freelancer.

Readers who like APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, On Writing by Stephen King, or The War of Art will like THE BLOGGER ABIDES.

Author's Inspiration:  When I wrote my first This American Life piece, I talked to some authors who were about five years ahead of me in their writing careers. What they told me was far more valuable than what veteran writers (like Stephen King) could tell me; these writers had just solved the problems I was facing, including dumb stuff like how to pay my taxes. After I'd been a freelancer for five years, I discovered that new writers were coming to me for tips -- so I wrote a book.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Philip Seymour Hoffman.

From the Book: So let’s face it: you want to be a professional writer. You want to have a business card that says “Professional Writer” and you want to pay your income taxes every quarter, unlike those poor slobs who file once a year while punching a clock at the widget factory, waiting to die without any publication credits to their names? Your parents will not like your new job, but at least you’ll get to tell people at parties “I’m a writer” and not be a total poseur. (Be prepared for the next question: “So what kind of stuff do you write?” If you don’t have a really good answer, you’ll seem like a total poseur.)

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Chris Higgins

Chris Higgins has been writing for national magazines since the age of 12. His first cover story was called "The Care and Feeding of Fancy Guppies," and since then he has largely avoided writing about fish -- the A.P. dubbed him "The Guppy Guru" and my classmates never forgot it.

MY FAVORITE FOOD: I'm addicted to cashews, especially after I learned that they grow out of "cashew apples," making the cashew technically a seed, rather than a nut (nerd alert!).

WHAT I LISTEN TO: I listen to the Pixies and Philip Glass when I write.

MY FAVORITE SHOWS: I watch a lot of West Wing and LOST.

WHERE I WRITE: My favorite place to write is my back porch in Portland, Oregon. It's green and it's always drizzling.

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