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Editor's Note: Segregation by walls is a unique concept that was developed and explored in this new science fiction adventure. 

I was hooked from the first page!

Book Description: Pollen is a unique science fiction thriller that is set in a new world where the city is separated by walls. We encounter Rome Shackelton who on the  ten-year anniversary of a stunt that left him with a limp becomes entangled in the sinister underworld. It's in that craziness, he meets Shunka who innocently gets sucked into the dark underbelly of the city. 

Readers who enjoyed Windup Girl, Snow Crash, and Wool will like POLLEN.  

Author's Inspiration: I'm interested in the segregation of peoples lives. How today we are all locked into our bubbles of touch screens playing social games or on social media communicating more than ever, yet we never look up to see the people around us. 

Also the obsession we have with physical segregation, from the Israeli security fence to Morocco's wall of shame in the Saharan desert. We've been building walls to keep people out, or people in but have they ever really worked? In the book I explore these themes with two characters on either side of the wall. Rome really wants to escape, in fact his life has been shaped by this desire, and Shunka doesn't care, she's a teenager and can't even remember what the walls look like. yet the decisions made by the powers that be mean that we are all affected by forcing us to live and think within specific boundaries.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: John Cusack

From the Book: He sat, arms folded at a cheap plastic table under a café awning. Eyes closed, he sucked humid air through his nose. Slowly he sank his chin into his chest. He wasn’t sleepy; he was scheming. The Riverside Café on the busy corner of two main streets was Rome Shackleton’s favorite haunt. ‘Riverside’ was a reference to the last river which was filled in to make room for building developments. All the water was underground these days, and no one missed it. The mosquitoes had nowhere left to breed.


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Aaron Lamb

Aaron Lamb born in the Medway Towns, just out side of London and grew up in the gritty terrace housing of a main road to an industrial estate. Wrote his first novel aged 11 and hasn't stop telling stories since.

He has completed solo treks in the wilderness of Norway and Finland, lived in rural Cambodia and has run one ultra marathon - which he will never do again!

Favorite Food: Sweet and Sour Chicken!


Favorite Place to Write: I love writing in cafes (cliche I know) or at home at my desk bouncing ideas about with my wife
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Favorite TV show: I love include Parks and Recreation, Walking Dead, The Wire, Treme and Game of Thornes



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